Water Well Drilling Services

is a respected water well drilling contractor in Northern California. Property owners and consultants have given high praise for our professional, skilled and conscientious people.

Our drilling rigs are designed using 11” hollow stem augers. These powerful rigs drill wells up to 130’ deep. We require no drilling fluid and hence mainly soil cuttings are exiting from the borehole. Thus not such a big muddy mess.

Smaller Footprint - Our drilling rigs usually require a smaller area than traditional drilling rigs and support equipment.

In fact, one of our rigs is only 5’ wide and 13’ long and can still go to 100’.
Another rig – DR10K has a variable mast height and hence can get closer to power lines, safely.

The creation of a water well consists of several elements. After selecting the site to drill the well, the process includes drilling, sampling, installing casing, sand pack and seal. We take soil samples every 5’ which informs us on the type of formation and water saturation. From this information we can best decide where to place the well screen.

How Much Water Is Needed?

Wisely planned, dependable water well can supply all the water you need now and into the future. A rule of thumb is to allow between 75 to 150 gallons per person per day. You need to take into account the peak demand, for example when there may be extra guests for holidays and weekends. Outside use of water can pose much greater demands. You need to calculate the required well yield if your well is needed for additional water uses such as swimming pools, irrigation, fire protection, heating & cooling, etc.

Low-Yield Wells

Some sites may not be capable of producing the amount of water normally expected for domestic supply (4-10 gallons per minute [gpm]). However, with an adequate storage tank, a well producing as little as one gpm can be sufficient for domestic needs. There are 1,440 minutes in every day. If a well produces one gpm, 1,440 gallons can be pumped in a storage tank daily.

Assuming that each member of a family of 4 uses 75 gallons per day, that's a total of 300 gallons. Total consumption for the entire family is less than 21 percent of the stored water. The well would be required to produce water for a total of only 5 hours a day in order to replenish the tank.

Deciding on a Water Well Contractor

The National Ground Water Association warns not to base your selection of a well contractor on price alone. Your well system is permanent and future changes may be much more expensive in the long run. Make sure that bids and estimates are "Apples-to-Apples" and that they are for comparable quality materials, service and guarantees. The lowest bid is usually not the best value. Be sure your contract contains:


Type of Services

  • The contractor's business address and state license number
  • A written proposal that details:
    • what work is to be done
    • materials to be used
    • the charge for drilling per foot
    • details of client and contractor responsibility for site access and site clean-up
    • responsibility for obtaining all permits
  • Proof of the contractor's liability insurance while working on your job to protect against:
    • personal injury to you or others
    • damage to your property
    • damage to the property of others
  • Proof of Worker's Compensation insurance to protect the contractor's employees or sub-contractors while working on your job.

Equipment Description

Truck-Mounted Auger Rig

CME 75 High Torque Auger Rig

CME 75 - Santa Rosa

CME 75 High Torque Auger Rig

Industry premier heavy-duty water well drilling rig.

  • Torque – 13,000 Ft.-lb
  • Augers up to 15”
  • Auto-hammer
  • In-hole-hammer
  • Mono-pump
  • 5’ Continuous Dry Sampler System
  • 8’ wide
  • 26’ long
  • 31.5’ high mast up, 11.3’ mast dn.

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Deeprock - DR10K

Pier - Eureka - Homboldt County

Deeprock - DR10K

Variable Overhead, High Torque Auger Rig Can be used under power lines and canopies, inside buildings and at the edge of roads, or in full production mode- mast at 22’ high, if there are no overhead limitations

  • Auger Rig
  • High Torque – 10,000 Ft.-lb.
  • Mast hydraulically adjusts 13’ to 22’
  • Wire-line sampling
  • Mono Pump
  • 8’ wide
  • 23’ Long
  • 11’ high mast down
  • Weight - 22,000 lb.

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Limited Access Track Rigs

Deeprock - DR8K

Water Well in side yard – Northern California

Deeprock - DR8K

Rubber track auger rig- variable height mast. Excellent inside bldg. under power-lines, under canopies and inside narrow spaces. Can take 10” augers to 100’

  • Auger Rig
  • Angle drilling
  • Torque – 7500 ft-.lb
  • Auto-hammer
  • Mono Pump
  • Powers Portable rig for remote use
  • 5 ’-2” Wide
  • 13’ Long
  • 7 ’ 3” high (mast dn.)
  • Min. Ht. 8’-9” with SFA
  • Min. Ht. 9’-6” with HSA
  • Weight 10,300 lb.

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Off Road Support Equipment

Morooka Support Vehicle

Morooka Support Vehicle

All-terrain, rubber tracks.
It can go where our support trucks cannot go.

It has a hydraulic dump bed and is capable of moving pallets of materials, augers, rods, water tank, generator and other equipment.

  • Width – 7’
  • Length – 12’
  • Height – 6.5’
  • Weight – 12,000 lbs.


Other Equipment

Support trucks, forklift, pumps, generators, pressure washers, hoses, tanks, etc.

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Truck Rigs

Truck Rigs
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Health and Safety:

All personnel have current 40-hr OSHA health and safety training and participate in a medical surveillance program. We provide our own PPE.