Our Drilling Services


We drilled our first environmental project in 1989. Since then we have continually expanded our knowledge, skills and equipment…


Our first of hundreds of geotechnical drilling jobs started in 1986. We offer experienced & professional crews…

Well Abandonment & Destruction

CLEAR HEART DRILLING is a C-57 licensed drilling contractor in northern and central California…

Water Wells

Our drilling rigs are designed using 11″ hollow stem augers. These powerful rigs drill wells up to 130′ deep. We require no drilling fluid….

Horizontal Water Well

CLEAR HEART DRILLING is a respected water well drilling contractor in Sonoma County…

Horizontal Drains

Horizontal drains are used to lower the groundwater levels in a hillside for the control and prevention of landslides…

Portable Drilling

Specialty built portable rigs allow Clear Heart Drilling access to areas other drilling companies can’t get to. Remote sites to small access areas…

Truck-Mounted Rigs

High Torque DR8K



All-Terrain Rig

Portable Remote Access

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