Geotechnical Drilling Services

Our first of hundreds of geotechnical drilling jobs started in 1986. We offer experienced and professional crews to help determine ground conditions and soil formations. To obtain this information we have a variety of truck, track and remote access drilling equipment.

Type of Services

Soil borings – hollow stem & solid flight augers

SPT sampling

CAL mod sampler

5’ Dry core sampling

Selby tube sampler



Monitor Wells

Groundwater Investigation – Wells Along Russian River – Sonoma County

Equipment Description

Truck, track, Remote Access

Truck-Mounted Rigs

CME 75 – Santa Rosa

CME 75 High Torque Auger Rig

Industry premier heavy-duty environmental drilling rig.

Torque – 13,000 Ft.-lb

Augers up to 15”




5’ Continuous Dry Sampler System

8’ wide

26’ long

31.5’ high mast up, 11.3’ mast dn.

Limited Access Track Rigs

DR8K – Sacramento

Deprok – DR8K

Rubber track auger rig- variable height mast. Excellent inside bldg. under power-lines, under canopies and inside narrow spaces. Can take 10” augers to 100’

Auger Rig

Angle drilling

Torque – 7500


Mono Pump

Powers Portable rig for remote use

5 ’-2” Wide

13’ Long

7 ’ 3” high (mast dn.)

Min. Ht. 8’-9” with SFA

Min. Ht. 9’-6” with HSA

Weight 10,3 00 lb.

All-Terrain Track Auger Rigs

Creek Bed – Mendocino County

Morooka Track – All-Terrain Drill Rig

If you can walk it we can drill it.
Very stable. Slopes up to 30 degrees. Excellent on muddy sites.
Portable drill rig can be powered up to 250’ from this rig.

Augers – up to 11”

Torque – 3,000 ft-lb

Rubber tracks – 20” wide

Cathead and 140# drop hammer

7’ wide

13’ Long

7 ’ high

Weight – 12,000 lb.

Remote Access – Portable – Auger Rig

Hillside Los Gatos

Portable Remote Access Auger Drill

Can be set up in remote locations – hillsides, under canopies, under bridges, in ditches, inside closets, in rooms, basements, etc.
Access to drill location can be through narrow door, through windows, over walls, down hillsides, etc.
Rig is hand carried to drill locations in components (mast, rotary head, base, cathead, controls, 140# drop hammer, samplers, rods, augers) and assembled over hole.
Two hydraulic hoses are extended from DR8K or Morooka rig to power Portable drilling rig. Maximum distance from power source – 250’

Augers up to 11”

Torque – 3,000 Ft.-lb.

Cathead and 140 lb .drop-hammer

Concrete coring

Rig can be bolted to concrete floor

Rig can be staked to hillside

Minimum passage width 24”.

Minimum work area 3’ X 6’

Minimum overhead 8’ with SFA & 9.5’ with HSA .

Off-Road Support Equipment

All-Terrain – Northern California

Morooka Support Vehicle

All-terrain, rubber tracks.
It can go where our support trucks cannot go.

It has a hydraulic dump bed and is capable of moving pallets of materials, augers, rods, water tank, generator and other equipment.


Width – 7’

Length – 12’

Height – 6.5’

Weight – 12,000 lbs.

Other Equipment

Support trucks, pumps, generators, pressure washers, decon ponds, hoses, forklift, hopper, concrete core barrels, etc.

Photo Gallery

Truck Rigs
Northern California

Santa Rosa

Truck Rigs
Northern California

Santa Rosa

DR10K Install Well Under Canopy
San Francisco

Morooka Track
In South San Francisco



In Sacramento County

1993 – Portable Remote Access Rig Eureka
Humboldt County

Portable Off Track
On Creek Bed

Portable Remote Access Rig
In South Bay

Portable Remote Access Rig
In Fremont – South Bay

Portable Remote Access Rig
In Mountain View

Portable Remote Access Rig
Bay Area – Drilled & Sampled to 90′

Portable Remote Access Rig
SF Bay Area

Health and Safety:

All personnel have current 40-hr OSHA health and safety training and participate in a medical surveillance program. We provide our own PPE.