Portable Drilling Services

Specialty built portable rigs allow Clear Heart Drilling access to areas other drilling companies can’t get to. Remote sites to small access areas, we can get a drilling rig there.

Type of Services

Auger drilling from 2.25” to 8”

24″ minimum work area

3′ to  7′ overhead drilling clearance

8.5′ w/solid flight augers

9.5′ w/hollow stem augers

Rigs components can be carried into site (mass, rotary head, bass, cat head, controls, 140 drop hammer)

Can be set up on hillside, under bridges, dishes, over walls, through windows, in offices, basements, etc.

Cores concrete

Portable Drill Rig

Our Equipment

Hillside Marin County

Portable Remote Access Auger Drill

Can be set up in remote locations – hillsides, under canopies, under bridges, in ditches, inside closets, in rooms, basements, etc.
Access to drill location can be through narrow door, through windows, over walls, down hillsides, etc.
Rig is hand carried to drill locations in components (mast, rotary head, base, cathead, controls, 140# drop hammer, samplers, rods, augers) and assembled over hole.
Two hydraulic hoses are extended from DR8K or Morooka rig to power Portable drilling rig. Maximum distance from power source – 250’

Augers up to 11”

Torque – 3,000 Ft.-lb.

Cathead and 140 lb .drop-hammer

Concrete coring

Rig can be bolted to concrete floor

Rig can be staked to hillside

Minimum passage width 24”.

Minimum work area 3’ X 6’

Minimum overhead 8’ with SFA & 9.5’ with HSA .

Health and Safety:

All personnel have current 40-hr OSHA health and safety training and participate in a medical surveillance program. We provide our own PPE.