Qualifications and Insurance

The Trusted Name In Northern California Drilling

Qualifications and Insurance

Clear Heart Drilling, Inc. is a licensed drilling contractor, C-57, since 1986, providing services in Northern and Central California.

We offer a wide range of equipment which permits us to drill at most sites, even if the drill location is in a building, on a steep hillside or other difficult location.


  • C-57 license #780357
  • Our original California contractor License # 467904 started in 1985, but it was changed to a new one #780357 in 2000, when we incorporated.
  • National Ground Water Association Monitor Well Certification
  • OSHA Certificate for Standard 29-CFR-1910.120. All personnel are 40-hour certified with annual 8-hour refresher courses.
  • Medical surveillance is required for all personnel and Clear Heart conducts yearly medical examinations.
  • All diesel engines are compliant with California Air Resources Board.


We carry insurance coverage which includes general liability, automobile, workers compensation and contractor’s pollution insurance. Copies of our licenses and certificates of insurance are available upon request.

Health and Safety: All personnel have current 40-hr OSHA health and safety training and participate in a medical surveillance program. We provide our own PPE.